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Senior Staff and You

These are the people who are assigned responsibilities on the site. It's their job to help keep the site running as smoothly and as well as possible. Most of them are veterans, with experience built up from the time spent here. Here's a small dossier to help show who the senior staff are.


Airbus_BelugaAirbus_Beluga - The flag-waving maestro and resident "Flag Whisperer" of our team. When it comes to crafting flags, he's got it covered, stitching together colors and symbols with an artistic flair. From an odd fascination with Nazi memorabilia to a brief stint as a hardcore American patriot, he suddenly veered into the realm of communism, only to swing back to embracing the good ol' Stars and Stripes. And let's not forget his whirlwind romance with Russia, Ukraine, and who knows where else! This Beluga sure knows how to keep us guessing. He has an inexplicable soft spot for Ferdinand Marcos. We've stopped questioning it at this point. Maybe he's just a fan of extravagant fashion choices or epic mustaches? Who knows!

But deep down, amidst the sea of ever-changing flags and eccentric preferences, Mr. Beluga has a secret: he hates his job. Don't let his skillful flag-making fool you, for behind those expertly sewn fabrics lies the soul of an individual longing for something more exciting, or maybe just a really comfy couch.

Our beloved Beluga, in all his creative glory, ventured into the realm of website creation by establishing his own wiki after transferring it from Fandom. Curious souls can behold its splendor right here!

This wiki, like Rystories, has taken its place as an official "Sister Site," fostering a sense of kinship within our interconnected web of creativity. Ah, but let me regale you with a delightful tale from the realm of bananas. You see, Mr. Beluga, that mischievous Irish soul, decided to inject some playful irreverence into his site by creating a page dedicated to none other than the humble banana. And what did he do? He audaciously copied the entire Wikipedia article for bananas! Oh, that hunky Irishman!

Now, let's turn our attention to the evolution of Airbus_Beluga's creation. While his site may have fallen into a temporary slumber, fear not, for I took it upon myself to lend a helping hand. Armed with the powers of modification, I tinkered with our existing theme, fashioning it into a new aesthetic tailored for Mr. Beluga's site. But let's not forget the invaluable contribution of Sir Investigator, whose coding prowess proved instrumental in our collaborative endeavors.

TL;DR: Airbus_Beluga, our flag-making, ideologically adventurous, and job-hating staff member, adds a splash of unpredictability to our team. He made his own wiki, and humorously copied the entire Wikipedia article for bananas.

Hudson NolanHudson Nolan - The embodiment of professionalism1 in the realms of writing and coding, Hudson shines as a beacon of idea-sharing. With a genuine passion for helping others overcome their challenges, he stands as a friendly and approachable figure within our staff. Whether it's on Wikidot or Discord2, Hudson's presence is felt, as he actively engages with the community.

But let's explore the fascinating origin story of Hudson. Picture this: He emerged from the depths of a dream, where thoughts materialized into reality. Ah, the enigma of explaining a thought to Hudson himself, for it proved to be quite the mental feat. Nonetheless, his presence in our midst is a testament to the power of dreams and the potential they hold.

Take note of this, even if Hudson kills me: Originally, this profile belonged to Sir Investigator.

TL;DR: Hudson Nolan, the consummate professional in writing and coding, graces us with his invaluable expertise. With a genuine desire to assist others and a friendly demeanor, he actively contributes to our community on both Wikidot and Discord. Born from the ethereal realm of dreams, Hudson's origins add a touch of intrigue to his presence.

TheInfallibleFounderTheInfallibleFounder - The grand architect of it all, the mastermind behind this very site! With a wave of his digital wand, he conjured this online realm into existence. Bow down to his heir supreme creation and all its inner workings!

But let's delve into the intriguing world of TheInfallibleFounder. Beyond the realm of web domination, he holds a deep passion for alternate history and gaming. His heart beats for the worlds of Minecraft, TF2, GTA 5, and Counter Strike, where they embark on epic virtual adventures.

Now, here comes the twist: TheInfallibleFounder didn't start this site with grand ambitions in mind. Nope, it all began as a joke, a playful prank on the digital landscape. Little did he know that this jest would blossom into something more. It grew into a vibrant community, a repository of their shared alternate universe.

Picture this: TheInfallibleFounder and Airbus_Beluga, weaving their web of alternate reality in Messenger. Engrossed in their creation, they occasionally neglected their online classes, much to the chagrin of their teachers. So, they made a bold decision. They decided to pour their digital musings into this very wiki, capturing the essence of their shared lore. And yes, Mr. Beluga, the seasoned member of the team, still hasn't fully grasped the intricate tapestry of lore woven by TheInfallibleFounder. But hey, it keeps things interesting, right?

And as the wiki grew, like an ever-expanding universe, new elements were added. SCP, Ace Combat, Avatar - all blended into the ever-evolving tapestry. Sure, some might call it unoriginal, but we prefer to think of it as a vibrant mosaic, a celebration of diverse inspirations and shared passions.

TL;DR: TheInfallibleFounder, the creative genius and mastermind behind this site, transformed a joke into a thriving digital community. Their love for alternate history and gaming fuels their virtual adventures. From the origins of an alternate universe in Messenger to the birth of a vibrant wiki, their journey is one of unintentional grandeur.


fritzR1870fritzR1870 - The friend of Airbus_Beluga, whose interests lie in the realms of H.P. Lovecraft and guns. Brace yourself, for this madman once proposed the unthinkable — splitting Germany! But fear not, for his love for Westlife, the legendary Irish boy band, reveals a softer, gae side to this complex individual.

Ah, fritzR1870, an intriguing character indeed. It's worth mentioning that fritz himself wrote his own profile here, leaving us pleasantly surprised with his unexpected contribution. Who knew he had such a hidden talent for self-expression? Bravo, fritz, bravo.

Let's dive deeper into the mind of this moderator. Why the username, you ask? According to fritz, "1870" sends wehraboos and kaiserboos into ecstasy, tapping into their historical obsessions. As for "fritz," it pays homage to the legendary figure Fritz Duquesne, while the "R" remains a mysterious letter, chosen purely for its random allure.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room — fritz's past as a school bully. The change from tormentor to moderator is a testament to the potential for growth and redemption. As fritz embarks on a new chapter, his whereabouts become a tantalizing mystery. Is he dwelling in the land of maple syrup and moose, or has he found his way to the tropical shores of the Philippines? We may never truly know.

TL;DR: fritzR1870, the Lovecraftian gun enthusiast and friend of Airbus_Beluga, surprised us all with his self-penned profile. Beware his daring proposition to split Germany, though his fondness for Westlife reveals a gae hombre beneath the surface. With a username that triggers historical aficionados and a mysterious "R" in tow, fritz has transitioned from school bully to the realm of moderation. His current whereabouts remain a delightful mystery.

RylanceRylance - The formidable page editor, an amateur Arstotzkan, and a dedicated connoisseur of honor guard videos. Prepare to be amazed by the storytelling prowess of this individual, for Rylance weaves captivating tales, even within the realm of the SCP Foundation. But that's not all — Rylance is not just a talented moderator; he's also a trusted and cherished friend who lends a helping hand with our pages.

Now, let's dive into the fascinating backstory: I stumbled upon Rystories, a captivating wiki dedicated to the art of storytelling. It was there, in the realm of Rylance's creation, that I crafted a tale that you can find right here!

Little did I know that this encounter would lead to a blossoming friendship. In the virtual realm of Discord, Rylance and I found common ground, just like Sir Investigator and I before. Ah, the camaraderie of coding minds! Speaking of coding, it seems Rylance possesses a similar skill set to Sir Investigator. But let's address a hilarious quirk in this friendship dynamic. Sir Investigator often confuses Rylance for a female.

TL;DR: Rylance, the page-editing maestro and amateur Arstotzkan, reigns supreme as a site moderator. With a penchant for honor guard videos and a knack for crafting compelling stories, Rylance brings a unique flair to our community. From Rystories to our sister sites, our paths intertwined, forging a friendship that transcends digital boundaries. And yes, Sir Investigator's humorous mix-up of Rylance's gender adds an extra dash of laughter to this delightful camaraderie.

Sonox0Sonox0 - The mysterious man who embarked on a turbulent journey to join our site. As a friend of mine, his intriguing tale is shrouded in the enigma of a feline friend. Beyond that, his residence in the Philippines and his encounters with a strict mother, who insists on impeccable posture even when it's already perfect, add further layers to this captivating persona. Sonox0, take solace in the fact that we've all faced the trials of at least one strict parent.

Now, let's delve into the annals of our shared history: Sonox0's path intersected with ours back in Grade 2, when fritzR1870 was perhaps absent from the scene (or he might've dropped out). Both Sonox0 and I looked at Airbus_Beluga's papers, finding ourselves in sync with the answers.

Time moved on, and as the memories of third grade fade into the distance, we find Sonox0 mysteriously gone. But fear not, for fate had more in store. Years later, in Grade 6, he resurfaced like a phoenix rising from the ashes. However, fate played a whimsical hand, as I had already bid farewell to the school scene.

TL;DR: Sonox0, the site moderator, navigated a tumultuous journey to join our ranks. With a feline companion by his side and a strict mother who demands perfect posture, his tale captures the essence of resilience. From shared answers in Grade 2 to mysterious absences and unexpected returns, Sonox0 weaves an intriguing story. And in the realm of coded pseudonyms, his true name remains a captivating enigma.

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